For most of us, this is our first visit to Coral Gables High in fifty years.

Gail Spring Watson and Irv Watson - Sandy Schepeler, Alan Aber

And still more photo op moments in front of the Cavalier Mascot: Helen "Sprit" Motion, Ginny Gonsalves, and Cynthia Forbes - Sandy Schepeler, Alan Aber, and Karen Freberg.

Gables' Hallway - Breezeway

Ginny Gonsalves and Cynthia Forbes - Barbara Beckham and Nancy McLeod

Betsey Warren at Gables High entrance. - Listening attentively is David Lawrence, Chip Kern, Liz Milikin, Kathy Kern, Susan and Hoz Compton

More listening attentively; row 1: Kathy and Chip Kern; row 2: Barbara Beckham, Hoz and Susan Compton, Liz Milikin, Adrienne Katz; row 3: Bobbie Sonen, Hugh Walker (Kay), Alan Aber - and still more...Susan and Hoz Compton, Alan Aber (visible disadvantage of being tall), Hugh Walker (Kay)

Still more listening. - Bright school spirt mural on the wall.

Walking to our next stop through lush greenery.

Dan Finora talks with us outside the bandroom with mural (and Larry Apple) in the background.

Dan Finora talks with us inside the bandroom. - George McLain is encouraged to do a photo op standing in his Drum Major position (when leading the band during indoor practice 50 plus years ago). That's Susan Monan and George and Sharon Eighmey Olsen in the background.

Dan Finora talks with us in the library with David Lawrence, Barbara Zgodzinski, Shannon O'Deas, and Sharon Eighmey looking on. - And facing camera are Barbaras Zgodzinski, Dan Finora, and George Olsen (Sharon Eighmey).

Visiting with each other and getting ready for tour to move on.

Two Hall of Fame recipients Dan pointed out: Harry Rath and Janet Reno

Oh, the other half of this modern Gables library.

Bobbie Sonen is standing at the entrance to the auditorium though...

we ALL actually followed Dan and entered the auditorium through a stage door. (You can even spot Bobbie's platinum hair to the far right of the photograph.)

Looking from the stage is Helen (Sprit) Motion's auditorium photo and - on stage is Barbara Zgodzinski, Cynthia Forbes, Ginny Gonsalves, and Karen Freberg.

Isn't this where we took our SAT's someone asks?

Some of those looking out from the stage (in the front) are Larry Lavine, Brian Nichols, Gail Spring, Shannon O'Dea, Karen Valentine and her husband Brant Sanders, Chip Kern

On stage in the back are Susan Compton (Hoz), Lois Stoker, Winn Lawrence (David), Bill Brown, Sandy Schepeler, Donna Criswell, and David Lawrence.

Off stage in the back are Hugh Walker (Kay), Bill Klich, Kay Murray, Brian Nichols, Sharon Eighmey; and closer to and in front are Bobbie Sonen, Patti Dansyear, Helen Motion, Larry Apple, Cynthia Forbes, George McLain, Katherine Zarzour, Bill Brown

That's Irv Watson (Gail Spring) taking stage photographs. - Donna DeCostas, Donna Criswell

Next we headed for the gym where we ALL had memories created.

Cynthia Forbes, Brian Nichols, Betsey "Liz" Warren, and Ginny Gonsalves. - Cynthia Forbes, Ginny Gonsalves, Helen "Sprit" Motion, and Shannon O'Dea

Cynthia Forbes, Shannon O'Dea, Brian Nichols, Helen "Sprit" Motion, and Ginny Gonsalves.

Most all of us are now in the gym.

Gym photo op with Susan Monan, Shannon O'Dea, Cynthia Forbes, Helen Motion, Ginny Gonsalves, Liz Milikin, Carol Hagglund .

Still having fun Shannon O'Dea, Brant Sanders (Karen Valentine), Sharon Eighmey, Cynthia Forbes, Helen Motion, Ginny Gonsalves.

Dan Finora and Sandy Schepeler - Beth Basten and Bill Klich

BarbaraBeckham, Donna DeCostas, Bobbie Sonen, and Donna Criswell outside the Main Office. - Gail Spring was happy to find her homeroom.

Back to the bus and goodbye to memories are Kay Murray, John Hume, Kate McNeil, Beth Basten, Alan Aber, Brian Nichols.

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