Tony Wasserman, George McLain, Sandy Schepeler, Bob Zarzour, Carol Hagglund, Judy Findeisen Sullivan and Bill Sullivan, Barbara Hume

Judy Findeisen Sullivan, Bill Sullivan, Barbara Hume, Bill Blaylock, Hoz Compton, Howard Chesneau, Mitch Fruitstone, David and Emily Pyne

Lynn and Fred Galloway - Sandy Schepeler, Bill and Linda Blaylock

Chip Turner (Carolyn Keefer) Sandy Schepeler, Susan Compton (Hoz), Bob Zarzour, Alan Aber, Byron Howes

Doug Batchelor, Jim Vincent - Hoz Compton, Fred Schor, Dennis Davis

John Hume (hospitality suite organizer extraordinaire) - Beth Basten, Bill Schneider

Carol Hagglund, Liz Milikin - Karen Freberg, Carolyn Keefer

David Pyne, Mitch Fruitstone, Emily Pyne, Donna DeCostas, Ann Soucy, Katie Knable, Gail Spring

Sandy Schepeler, Bill Blaylock

Ginny Gonsalves, Casandra and Debra Chesneau (Howard), Helen Motion, Kathy Kern (Chip) - Karen Freberg, Sandy Schepeler, Ginny Gonsalves, Cynthia Forbes

Alex Embry, Dennis Davis - Martha and Steve Clifford, Carolyn (Keefer) and Chip Turner

Susan and Hoz Compton

Barbara Hume, Byron Howes, Pam Wentz, Tess Fajardo, Steve Buzzell, Bobbie Sonen

Looking toward downtown Miami from the hospitality suite balcony.

Downtown Coral Gables from the Westin Colonnade Hotel

The Biltmore not too far away and a cupola reminder of the distant past.

Saturday market near the hotel - entrance to the Westin Colonnade Hotel

Breakfast at the Westin for Susan Monan, Guest Bill, Laurie Douglass, Ann Wylie and husband Lee. - Susan making her selections.

Saturday lunch at Las Vega Cuban Restaurant are clockwise from front left: Karen Freberg, Sandy Schepeler, Shannon O'Deas, Helen Motion, Ginny Gonsalves, Cynthia Forbes, and Roberta Blen.

Jackie Chapman and Liz Milikin

Memories at Shorty's: clockwise from upper left are Susan Monan, Laurie Douglass, Ann Wylie, Susan, Laurie, Susan, Susan, Laurie.

A long term friendship: Laurie Douglass and Susan Monan - Laurie and Susan

Shopping break or lunch on Saturday for Lynn Grentner, Clara Keyes, Susan Hausmann, and Timi Dutcher.

Photo Op and cooling off for Susan Monan and John Cardwell on Saturday.

Linda Gustafson visits the grave of her dad who died in December of 1962 in a plane accident.

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