Welcome to the Coral Reef Yacht Club

Pam Wentz, Sue Hadley, and Sandy Poston handing out name tags. – Susan Hausmann

Donn Warshow (Susan Hausmann), Byron Howes – Fred Taylor (Kate McNeil), David Doheny (Tess Fajardo).

Betsey Warren, Steve and Arlyne Wayner – Donna Criswell, David Bailey, Donna DeCostas, Donna Genet

For some, meeting again for the first time in 50 years on the Coral Reef Veranda.

Veranda crowd somewhat closer.

Betsey Warren, Katie Knable, Steve Wayner, Sandy Schepeler – Nancy McLeod, Mitch Fruitstone, Linda and John Creekmore

Lee and Diane Sandler, Sandy Schepeler, Mitch Fruitstone – Alan Aber, Tony Wasserman, Barbara Beckham, Bill and Sidney Cullen Daniel

In foreground, Kate McNeil, Susan Monan – Visiting on the Veranda

Susan Hausmann, Nancy McLeod – Carolyn Keefer, Susan Hausmann, Timi Dutcher, Donna DeCostas

Timi Dutcher, Donna DeCostas, Laurie Douglass, Carolyn Keefer – Ann Wylie, Sandy Coleman, Bob Merritt (Sandy's beau)

Group in Center: Clara Keyes, Georgann Gaither, David and Tess Fajardo Doheny – Ann Wylie, Sandy Poston, Sandy Coleman, Laurie Douglass

Jane Noppenberg (John), Laurie Douglass, Sandy Coleman, Ann Wylie, Sandy Poston - Susan Monan

Alan Aber, Hoz and Susan Compton – Tess Fajardo and Nancy Harris toast the culmination of many hours of reunion preparation.

Susanna Reeve being hugged by Shannon O’Dea – Susanna Reeve, Gail Spring, Shannon O’Dea.

Alan Aber, Sandy Schepeler, Hoz Compton – Karen Freberg, Tess Fajardo, Nancy Harris

Beth Basten, Carol Hagglund, Patti Dansyear, Ann Soucy, Janet Williams – Sandy Schelpeler and Janet Williams

John Creekmore, Sandy Schepeler, Janet Williams – Susanna Reeve and son Andrew Scott Gow

Bill Schneider, Lois Stoker, Bill Brown – Phil and Sharon Seipp, Pamela and Doug Morse

Tess Fajardo and Lee Sandler – Beth Basten

Severy Montgomery, Nancy Harris, and Sidney Cullen - Brian and Liz Milikin O'Byrne

John Bovard, Barbara and John Hume – Karen Freberg, Orme Miller

Sharon Lester, Carolyn Keefer, Tess Fajardo – Karen Freberg, Timi Dutcher, Clara Keyes, Donna Criswell, Judy Widdersheim

In line in front of shade are Larry Apple, Mike Messer, Steve Wayner - Shannon O’Dea, Susanna Reeve, Gail Spring

Laurie Douglass and guest, Bill - Kate McNeil, Susan Monan

Karen Freberg, Georgann Gaither, Timi Dutcher – Timi, Bill Klich, Karen

Mitch Fruitstone, Carol Hagglund, Bill Brown, Bill Schneider – Gail Spring, Lois Stoker, Carol Hagglund

Ginny Gonsalves and Sprit Motion - Judy Widdersheim, Karen Freberg, Georgann Gaither, and Donna Criswell

Pam Wood - Lee Walters and Severy Montgomery

Bill Brown, Sharon Lester, Bill Schneider– Patti Dansyear, Ann Soucy

Early dinners with crowd still on veranda and Chappie’s CD running high school photographic memories in background.

Sherry Petitt and Guest – David and Tess Fajardo Doheny talking with Alan Aber

Lynne Galloway, Susan Monan, Fred Galloway, John Cardwell

Patti Dansyear, Tony Wasserman – Susanna Abraham (George)

Bill (guest of Laurie Douglass) photographing band with members (and classmates) Eric Jones, Art Bivins – Seated at the table are Roger Hess, Larry Lavine, Bob and Katherine Zarzour, and Hoz Compton.

Dancers Valerie Kimmel, Sandy Coleman and Susanna Abraham with band members Art Bivins and Eric Jones.