Registration Table with Bobbie Sonen, Pam Wentz, Donna Criswell, Sue Hadley - Steve Wayner, Pat and Aida Rebull

Lynn and Fred Galloway, Timi Dutcher - Helen "Sprit" Motion, Ginny Gonsalves

Jane and John Noppenberg - Patti and Bob Hays, Timi Dutcher

Esther and Larry Apple, Arlyne Wayner (Steve) - Donald and Christine Kaye

Will Harden, Gene and Marcia Andre, Gilda Harden - Howard, Casandra, and Debra Chesneau

Wynn and David Lawrence, Guest, Lee Walters - Donna DeCostas, Steve Clifford, Donna Criswell

Bobbie Sonen, Pam Wentz, Donna Criswell - Fred Schor, Dennis Davis

Cocktail Hour Visiting - Roberta Blen, Patti Dansyear

Eddie Roca, Mary Lou Arroyo - Brian Nichols, Steve Buzzell, Eddie Roca

Frank and Jackie Chapman Adams - Jackie and Frank Adams and Roberta Blen

Ginny Gonsalves and Bob Kelley - John Noppenberg, Brian O'Byrne and Liz Millikin O'Byrne

Kate McNeil Taylor and Fred Taylor and Hugh and Kay Murray Walker

Roger Hess, David Pyne (in background), Lanny Bishop - Dave Hall and wife, Karen

Jim and Joan Reynolds, Jim and Sharon Lester Jones - Brian O'Byrne (Liz Milikin) Fred and Kate McNeil Taylor

John Noppenberg, Jim and Jeanne Vincent - Kate McNeil, Alan Aber, Beth Basten, Mitch Fruitstone

Dave Bobbitt, Ann Wylie Rogers, Lee Rogers, guest John Cardwell - Irv Watson (Gail Spring), Barbara Zgodzinski, Bob and Helen Kelley

David Bailey, Barbara Beckham, Steve Clifford - Betsey Warren, Kay Murray Walker and Hugh Walker, Larry Apple

Raymond DeCastro, Bob Hays, Fred and Lynne Galloway - Patti Hays, Karol and Raymond DeCastro

Roberta Blen, Judy Findeisen Sullivan and Bill Sullivan - Wes and Annemarie Hirning Roberts, Mary Lou Arroyo

Martha Clifford (Steve), Carol Hagglund, Sue Hadley - Kathy and Chip Kern, Cherie Cherry Alley (Bob Cherry's sister) and Virginia Cherry

Tess Fajardo, Pam Wentz - Bill Schneider, Linda Gustafson, Gene Andre, Lois Stoker, Marcia Andre

Bill Brown, Linda Gustafson, Lois Stoker - Barbara McGlynn, Linda Gustafson, Faye Springmyer

Eddie Roca, Severy Montgomery - Bill Brown, Lois Stoker

In the front are: Betsey Warren, Pam Knight, George McLain, Chip Kern, David Pyne, Karl Pond

In the front and visible faces between are: Donald Kaye, Paul Rosen, Valerie Kimmel, Doug Batchelor, Adrienne Katz, Karen Freberg, David Bailey, Timi Dutcher, Pam Wentz, Cydelle Pines, Donna Criswell, Larry Lavine, Bobbie Sonen, Betsey Warren, Will Harden, Pam Knight, George McLain, Chip Kern, Karen Valentine, Rochelle Draizar, David Pyne