Susan Atteridge


8 Carillon Circle
Livingston NJ 07039

973 9942332


I regret that I haven't been able to attend most of the reunions. I will definitely come for the 55th. I look forward to the possibility of seeing friends whom I have often thought of over the years. To me it is surprising that even though things happen in life of so much more importance, those high school years and the people who were there are imprinted so indelibly.

I never would have believed when I was 18 that I would be even happier 50 years later! I am glad that we grew up in the time when careers weren't planned like they seem to be now or I would not have had the great and divergent experiences I have had.

I've had at least four careers: teacher, reporter and editor, government press officer, and corporate executive. I've lived all over the place: DC, Panama, Argentina, New Jersey, Miami again, Chicago, Dallas, and now back to NJ -- although I'll always consider Miami home.

I have two wonderful children: Alison who's in marketing and Andrew who's in enterprise software sales and lives in Baltimore. Their last name is Zambito, the name of their father Frank and my first husband, who graduated from Gables three years before we did.

I was married a second time for 28 years to Max Shaw who was a school superintendent when I met him but who retired shortly thereafter so we could take my job moves. He died in 2011.

Now, I'm chiefly a grandmother who exercises and plays bridge, although I also do pro bono consulting through the National Executive Service Corps.