Russ Barefield


737 Ridge Ave,Unit 1J
Evanston, IL 60202


Attorney (retired)

After a shy and nerdy life in high school, mostly on the debate team, I went to Northwestern University in Evanston, IL, (mostly thanks to the CGHS debate coach Daphne Yvars) and have stayed in the Chicago area ever since.

After finally graduating from NU in 1967 with a BS in Speech (aptly phrased), I served in the US Peace Corps in Micronesia and then had various odd jobs as a do-gooder until I went to Law School at Northwestern, graduating in 1975.

Along the way I got married and had two children and got divorced. I practiced law for 10 years with a Chicago firm and then quit to travel to Nepal and trek around in the Himalayas. After that more social service jobs and part-time law and accounting, with occasional trips to China and Europe; and now mostly retired.

My daughter Laura was born in 1974 and lives in New Orleans and my son Andrew was born in 1979 and lives here in Evanston also.

I have been with my partner, Rob Mahoney, for 21 years now and we have settled into domesticity together in Evanston.

PS: My legal name is Howard Russell Barefield, but I went by Rusty in high school, and go by Russ now.

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