Kathy Baskin Davidson


1501 Dublin Drive
Silver Spring, Maryland 20902



Medical Librarian

I left Coral Gables High School for the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Four years and a BA degree later, I moved to Madison, Wisconsin to begin married life with Joe Davidson. We met at Penn and it has worked out well; we are approaching 36 years together in August. I worked as a lab technician in a biology research lab while my husband finished his graduate degree in astrophysics. We learned and grew lot from the political and social changes of the 60's and we both loved Madison and the Midwest, but job possibilities took us back to Miami. I worked again as a biology lab technician at the University of Miami and Joe taught physics at the University. Our first child, Beth was born in Miami in 1975. We moved north again in 1978 to Silver Spring, MD, outside Washington, D.C. Our second child, Michael, was born here in 1979. We have lived in the DC area ever since, with a wonderful one-year stint in Geneva, Switzerland, courtesy of my husband's job.

I stayed home to raise our children until 1989, when I went back to school to get an MLS from the University of Maryland. I have been working as a solo medical librarian for the past 8 years at the Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society. I manage a research library specializing in diving & hyperbaric medicine. I have never scuba dived but the work is very interesting!

The Washington area has become our home, and we enjoy the city but could do without the traffic congestion. We travel often. My husband is a computer engineer. Our son (22) is near by at the University of Maryland. He decided to finally settle down after a year in Israel and a semester in cooking school and is now a junior at the University of Maryland. Our daughter (27) is entering law school next month at Washington University in St Louis, MO. We are very proud of both of them.