Herb Baumbach


1311 Fallsbrook Terrace
Acworth, Georgia 30101



Delta Airlines pilot retired

Valerie and I are enjoying a lot of traveling and will be in eastern Europe this spring. This will sadly conflict with the reunion.

When at home we are very fortunate to have 7 of our 9 grandchildren (7 beautiful girls and 2 handsome boys) living within 5 miles of us here in Atlanta! We are now involved with gymnastics, dance, and youth sports. A lot of birthdays and an expensive Christmas. We're thankful for those consignment sales at the churches.

Rob, our oldest, should be moving to Atlanta soon with his 2 daughters. He is an Air Force (reserves)and Delta pilot. Hilary's husband is also a Delta pilot and flies F-16s in the reserves. She's very busy with her 3 children. Missy (3 children) left broadcasting and is now busy teaching on line courses. She just blessed us with our second "boy" grandchild! Hilary's Luke thanks her very much. Matt ( 1 girl) got his masters, and is moving up fast in the probations field, as well as being a member of the special "swat" team. They all have great spouses and everyone actually gets along very well.

Valerie, unfortunately, is still a great cook. This is not necessarily a good thing since I do a "lot of nothing",... but that doesn't start 'till around 10 AM.

We're looking forward to hearing about the reunion.....take some good pictures. Y'ALL come see us! Val & Herb