Alice Bloch


7228 Shaftesbury Ave
St Louis , MO 63130


I am happily married for 14 years to a religious studies professor. Frank is known internationally for his work on new religions, and for his authorship of the Encyclopedia of Catholicism and the Encyclopedia of Religion and Culture, for which I have written on dance. He has 2 wonderful grown sons, a school administrator and a musician, and so I have 2 wonderful grandchildren, 16 year old Kristin and 6 year old Caleb.

After graduating with a degree in English from the U of Florida, to everyone's surprise, including mine, I became a dancer, getting a choreographic MA from UCLA in 1972 and a doctorate in dance history from Temple University in 1991. In between I danced professionally in Minneapolis. I specialize in the dance of Isadora Duncan and tour nationally with her work doing performances and scholarly lectures and writings on her work. I taught college in St Louis for 15 years, and now have various specialties, including arts integration where I use dance to teach other subjects in area schools.

I do professional development workshops for teachers, specializing in peaceful interaction and the Brain Dance (a developmental movement sequence that helps children focus and develop social and language skills. I also teach movement classes for seniors where I use my knowledge of kinesology and dance/movement therapy. I am on the boards of the Missouri Dance Alliance and the Missouri Alliance for Arts in Education and helped develop dance teaching standards for the state. I also choreograph my own work, sometimes to my own writing, and also to poetry.

I have performed at the Gerard Manley Hopkins International Festival in Ireland and perform collaboratively with Rumi scholar, poet, and peace activist Dr. Fatemeh Keshavarz in our program, "A Watching heart, A Journey in Peace."