Philip Bluh


615 Wood Valley Trace
Roswell, Georgia 30076



Went to Univ of Fla for freshman year then went into the Army (finance corp) returned to UF got a BSADV. Went to work for American Bankers Life in Miami, after 5 years was VP of Financial Insurance Division. Was hired away by AIG in NYC. Left AIG and started a software company in 82 that reached $7 million a year in sales (had IBM as my largest customer), sold the company in 88 and moved to Atlanta. For 2 years just had fun, finally got tired of doing nothing and started a mfg rep firm for several software vendors. Got tired of working for myself and went to work for Microsoft selling ERP software (large scale accounting software to Fortune 1000 firms. That brings it up to 2000 when the software industry died.

Looked for a different direction now that I was 50 + and not a prime candidate for a continued software career. Found my way into the mortgage field but elected to work with seniors prospecting for Reverse Mortgages. Got tired of working with Seniors (even though was reaching the definition of being a senior).

Two weeks ago went to work as a sales person in Lowes Flooring department. Didn't realize that you can do relatively well in a sales position at a place like Lowes, but it seems you can. The only negatives are the hours and the standing on your feet for 10 hours a day but bought myself some good support shoes and things are looking up.

My wife Diana and I just sold our house with a very large yard and purchased a 2 bedroom townhouse. Our only child Nicole is now 18 and is going to Valdosta State University so we thought it was the right time to downsize and conserve our retirement assets. Hope to retire in Belize when I am 65.

That accounts for the last 40 years.