Carolyn Bramblett Ray


4726 SW 67 Ave. #F-1
Miami, Florida 33155


Retired Elem.School Teacher

Began my teaching career in Clewiston, Fl. Moved to Melbourne, Fl to continue teaching for 6 years. I divorced my husband to marry Bill Ray in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and continued teaching there. My daughter, Tiffany, was born in 1974 and I continued teaching before and after my son, Ben, was born in 1977. I stopped teaching in Chapel Hill and moved back to Miami in 1983. A year or so later I started teaching again at Kinloch Park Elem. I retired in 2004.

My daughter and son both live in Charlotte, N.C. My grandson, Tristan just turned 12 on the 12th of August. It was great to be up there for his party! He enjoys playing soccer just as his mom and uncle did when they were his age. I've had some health challenges, but am once again relatively healthy and enjoying life. Extremely glad to have attended high school when we did!