Rasselas "Bill" Brown


MARSHA CASTLE (Gables '62)
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Marsha and Bill left Gables in 62 to go to Miami Dade and then Florida Atlantic Univ. They did not actually "notice each other" until they took an elective "Marriage and the Family" together. They became friends and eventually each dropped their current love interest and began dating. Bill entered the Airforce before finishing his B.S. while Marsha finished with her teaching degree. Bill proposed and they were married in San Angelo, Tex where Bill was assigned and then went on to Anchorage Alaska for a 2+ yr assignment. He got his B.S. in Econ while there and then back to Texas when Bill got out of the Air Force. They moved to Texas Christian where he got an MBA in Business and then into the work force - Bill in Shopping Centers and Marsha elem teaching. A good job offer brought them to Atlanta in 1974 and they have made that their home.

They have 4 children, Rasselas V - 27, Gillette - 24, Sarah - 23, and Isaac - 21. They each have their own home now within 20 min of Bill and Marsha and Isaac the youngest will be married July 26th. Bill is busy in residential real estate with Remax as one of the top 25 agents in Georgia. You can see his web page at billbrown.com. Marsha runs a wonderful home for the family with lots of cooking for others and hospitality. She still keeps her interest in teaching and occasionally subs at a Christian School. The center of their life is their devotion to Jesus Christ, serving in His Church, and helping others. Bill is an Elder, helping to lead their church and the Choir Director. Bill has been active in the Republican Party, ran for State Office, Marsha home schooled their children up thru 4th grade, they raised their children on a mini-farm with horses, goats, and chickens. God has bless them richly. They are both thankful for the good education and great life they had growing up in the Gables in 1962.