Byron Clay-Howes


115 Carol Street
Carrboro, North Carolina 27510



After graduating from Gables I reclaimed my birth name and went on to the University of Illinois to find myself as a musician. Instead I discovered bridge, pool, beer and women (not necessarily in that order). I tucked tail between my legs and headed back to The Sunshine State, graduating with a degree in sociology from the University of South Florida in 1969. I received an MA in Sociology from the University of North Carolina in 1975. Allen Imershein (Gables '62) was also in my graduate school cohort. It's a small world.

I've been married and divorced twice but, sadly, do not have children. I take this lack of family out on my nieces by spoiling them rotten. I currently live in Carrboro, NC with one cat and a volunteer herd of deer.

I've been employed for the last 19 years as the only UNIX cook-and-bottle-washer for the University of North Carolina Office of the President. The journey from music through sociology to computer science was the proverbial long strange trip, but one I don't regret.

As of February, 2008 I am gloriously retired, doing a bit of consulting and traveling as much of the world as I can.