Carolyn Collier Turner


16961 Westport Drive
Huntington Beach, CA 92649


Retired Registered Nurse

After graduating in Nursing from FSU in 1966, I was married to Richard Turner. We left Miami for Los Angeles in 1970 and never looked back. Always bossy, I have spent most of my Nursing career in management and new program development. I really enjoyed starting Family Centered Birthing in several hospitals. During a 5 year hiatus in Chicago I finished my MS degree and taught at Loyola University. Back in California in 1978 we divorced, I met my husband Bob, and I continued my career in nursing management. My favorite obsession was the seven years I devoted to developing a new Women's Hospital in the 1980's. I commuted to San Francisco for 4 years to work on a doctorate in Nursing, but decided not to finish my dissertation. Forever an ABD! I taught Family Health Nursing to graduate students for ten years and retired at the end of the first millenium to travel with my husband. We rode elephants in Nepal, delighted in the wild animals of Kenya and Botswana, and spent last June in Great Britain. This June we visit the Galapagos Islands.