Paul Conrad


P.O.BOX 1483
Clifton, NJ 07015


Graduated from the University of Miami. Taught three years in Dade County Schools. Worked in industry for 18 years in the City of Clifton, New Jersey. Would like to retire in 4 years. Four children, two girls with my first wife and two step-daughters with my second wife. One granddaughter.

My father, Milton Conrad, passed on 23 years ago and my mother is 89 and living in Florida.

The news of this reunion only came to my attention this week, July 22. I am so sorry my wife and I cannot join this happy gathering. I only hope that if there is a next time, I can come and see all of the old friends. May all of the members of the Class of '62 STAY WELL and BE HAPPY.

My Best to All,
Paul Conrad