John A. Creekmore


365 Aulin Avenue
Oviedo, Florida 32765


Creekmore Insurance Group, Inc.

After graduating, I became a policeman for the City of Miami. A terrific job, but not my "bag". I left that and became a commercial pilot and have logged 1,400 flight hours. I didn't like being on constant call so I went into the insurance business. While working in insurance I was lucky enough to find Linda, my wife of 30 years and my best friend. Without her, I wouldn't have achieved the success I have. Just a terrific life partner. After a few more years working, I took a break from insurance and went back to school and got a degree from the Wharton School of Business and The College For Financial Planning.

Finally I found my "niche" in the world and I now own a National Life Insurance Brokerage Agency and have about 3,000 agents working for me. Life has been good to me and allowed me to purchase some nice toys. For any speed freaks or gear heads that are interested, a few of them can be seen at

Currently we are in the process of franchising the business. After a while, life becomes all about "winning". Retirement is out of the question for me. Linda and I have decided instead of retiring, we will take many small vacations each year and also spend time in our other home in South Carolina. Retirement, who wants to sit on their front porch in a rocking chair and dribble creamed corn down the front of themselves? Life is not a dress rehearsal, so live it as much as you can.