Rick Crump


28617 - 184th Place S.E.
Kent, Washington 98042



Retired from Weyerhaeuser

Retired from one of the SAP IT Departments with Weyerhaeuser Nov, 2009, after 21 and a half years. Waited patiently until my wife, Rose, retired from the Kent School District this past Sept, 2011, where she worked in Career and Tech Ed at District headquarters.

Our oldest son, Jeff, is finishing his MBA at University of Northern Texas. He lives in Lewisville, north of Dallas, which is also a possible retirement place for us. Rose is from San Antonio and we visited Jeff for 2 weeks this past Oct, just after Rose retired. Most of her relatives still live in San Antonio. Mine are now in Alpharetta, GA. No one remains in Miami. Our youngest son, Mike, lives up here near Auburn, WA. He and his wife, Kami, have given us two beautiful grandchildren, Eli and Amelia. Rose and I will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary this coming December.

Our next plans are to visit beautiful resort areas here in Washington state this Spring and Summer. In the Fall, we will head over to Kauai and rent a friend's condo in Poipu Kai for 2 weeks. We have liked Maui and Oahu in the past, but now want something more scenic.

And from Rick's bio sent in July 3, 2003

Hello Folks,

Sorry I have missed you over the years. Times and places just didn't lend themselves to visiting with you. I doubt if many will remember me as I did not contribute much to the student body. My only call to fame was as the chief helmsman with Dave Woods' (Mr Math) Sea Scout troop.

I started recanting my past but saw that it was approaching novel size. Here are just the highlights:
One year at UM in accounting. Six months at the Bank of NY as a stock liquidation clerk.

Enlisted in the Army; 8 years and a month: Engineer Captain (OCS); dual rated aviator two tours in VietNam flying Chinooks two tours in Germany; the first flying fixed wing DeHavilland Beavers as an Army Airfield Commander of a 2,000 foot grass strip; the 2nd tour as an Engineer Battalion S-1 Adjutant (non-flying -- did not like)

Reduction in Force was a welcome separation and 3 months later I was hired by the FAA as an Air Traffic Controller. I aced the entrance exam and along with my 5 points as Vet got me a score of 105 on the roster. Seven and a half years as Radar Air Traffic Controller at Miami and Seattle Centers before the PATCO strike of '81 hit. I went back to flying but not before doing a few years in Insurance Sales. After joining the Reserves and requalifying in the Chinook I took a contract pilot job in Saudi Arabia with Lockheed International for 3 and a half years flying the smaller tandem rotor helicopter, the Marines CH-46 Sea Knight, on Civil Defense missions.

Back in the States, I passed Weyerhaeuser's entrance exam in 1988, and after completing a BS degree in Computer Information Systems with City U, have worked my way up to Quality Assurance Analyst.

I married Rose in '72 (in Army dress blues). We have two boys, Jeff - 26 living with his girlfriend, and Mike - 24 married to Kami. So far, we are not Grand Parents but someone's working on it, to be sure. Rose and I are headed to Maui this December for our 30th. My Mom is still down there off of Kendall Drive and my younger brother, Ron, is up in Lighthouse Point, Ft.Lauderdale. Ciao!