Sharon Dell Hart


Sharon passed away last November ('08) following heart surgery.

2880 Weathersfield Court
Clearwater, Florida 33761


Sharon's Biography written in 2002:

(2/25/02) I am married 40 years this December. Tom decided to retire last October. It has been great and we both are enjoying every moment of it! My life, as reported by an impartial observer, would go something like this:

Sharon was going to go to FSU to major in home economics when Tom asked her to marry him and major in it with him! Tom had graduated from Univ. of Illinois and was into his first job with a food manufacturer. Sharon had known Tom throughout high school years as his family lived across the street from her family. She would see him and would date Tom when he was home on breaks, holidays, etc. Having wanted a family right away, they had their first son almost 11 months after they married (Sharon still thinks some of the neighbors were counting on their fingers as she gained 52 pounds)! They had 4 more children almost 2 years apart. The oldest and youngest are sons and the three middle are daughters. Tom's job gave his family the opportunity to be transferred to Dunwoody, Georgia, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Simsbury, Connecticut, and finally Walnut Creek, California, as Tom became national sales manager for Spice Islands Spices. Sharon and the children were able to enjoy the different regions of the country and all they had to offer. The most unusual was sailing in San Francisco bay on Saturday and skiing in Tahoe on Sunday! This one the children really liked! After working for a manufacturer for almost 20 years, and having a travel schedule that was taking too much time away from the family, Tom and Sharon decided to move to the Tampa Bay area and bought 50% of a food brokerage business. This ended the majority of the travel. However, Sharon was able to travel with Tom a great deal now on trips to England, Ireland, Italy and a great number of the islands. They have 4 Gators and one Seminole, 28 to 38 years of age. There are 7 grandchildren whose ages are 11 years to 11 months. The last two children married in the past two years and have not yet started their families.

Sharon has always enjoyed cooking, crocheting, making quilts for the babies, and doing volunteer work at church, school, and for all the ball teams the kids were on. Sharon and Tom have raised labrador retrievers in their earlier years and have settled down with a chocolate lab now. Four of the children live within ten miles of their home and one lives in Tallahassee and owns 3 franchises of interim home health care. The chances of that one's ever moving are slim to none unless they sell their businesses. Sharon and Tom are very thankful for the many blessings they have been given. Sharon feels she has earned her BA, masters, and Ph.D degrees in home economics! Now that Tom has retired they are free to do what they want when they want!