Laurie Douglass



181 E. Cowpen Lk. Pt. Rd.
Hawthorne, FL 32640



Well, it is finally here - our 50th reunion. Can't believe it has been that long since we graduated from high school. I have just recently retired and am focusing on home projects that I never seemed to have time to complete. In 2001 I returned to school and graduated with a BA with high honors as an English major along with an interdisciplinary degree in film and media. My two children continue to thrive - Kristin is a paralegal in Ocala, FL - Kiara is almost finished with her PhD at the University of Florida and has been doing research on soil and water in India. She is now back in Gainesville completing her dissertation and teaching. Cameron, my grandson, just turned 13. I am still raising Golden Retrievers and have four dogs, 5 cats, and my horse, Mo, who is as wonderful as ever. Life is good - hope to get to the beach next week and catch a sea breeze as long as this warm weather continues. Can't wait to see my classmates at the reunion and return to my old stomping grounds at Coral Reef Yacht Club - spent many a day there sailing prams. Such fond memories. See you all soon!