Rochelle "Chellie" Draizar Doepke


8801 Zurigo Ln
Naples, Florida 34114


realtor, musician

After graduating Indiana University, I played in the Indianapolis Symphony for 2 years,and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra for 36 years. I retired in 2004 and moved to Naples, where I am very active in Bayshore Cultural and Performing Arts Center and practice real estate. I have two wonderful children; Ben and Erika. Ben is a Qualitative Research Consultant at Seek in Cincinnati. He and his wife, Sarah, have 3 children; Erika and her husband, Bret, live in Clearwater with their 2 children. It is hard to believe that I have 5 grandchildren! I was married for 25 years (now divorced) and during that life raised Nubian Dairy Goats and Great Pyrenees and Lhasa Apso dogs. Teddy(a Lhasa) and Bear(a Great Pyrenees) are my great companions, now. I look forward to our 50th reunion and making new friends out of old ones!