Howard Ehrlichman


41 Chestnut Street
Huntington, New York 11743


Professor of Psychology, Queens College

I went to Queens College in New York because my family couldn't afford Columbia (the other place I applied) and I didn't get a scholarship. Queens College had free tuition at that time and was considered a fairly good school (because of its radical politics, it was dubbed the Berkeley of the East). Schwener (the murdered freedom rider) was a Queens student. So was Paul Simon (at that time). The other most notable graduate was, I suppose, Jerry Seinfeld. Of course, the most notable of all was my wife Liz, whom I met at Queens and married right after we graduated. Still together, with a wonderful son and daughter-in-law and the most precious little eight-month-old grandaughter.

Anyway, I double majored in psychology and English. Got into Harvard in English, but again with no financial support. Got into the New School for Social Research in psychology with full support. Well, it looks like in my case, Marx was right! Economics is destiny.

Those few of you who remember me might recall that I was very political at CG - anti-war, anti-segregation. But after meeting some of the REAL radicals at Queens College, I mellowed into a good old fashioned liberal democrat.

So after grad school I did a postdoc at ETS and then got a job at the CUNY Graduate School in Manhattan in Social-Personality psychology. (My most notable colleague there was Stanley Milgram.) Did lots of research on emotions, got the tenure and the promotions, turned out lots of PhD students. About ten years ago I decided I wanted to do more undergraduate teaching, so I transfered to Queens College (like the Graduate School, a CUNY campus) where I've been ever since. I still work with some graduate students and will be heading the Neuropsychology doctoral program at Queens starting in the fall.

My interests are classical music (Liz and I sing in a good local chorus), bicycling (I live on the north shore of Long Island which has wonderful biking), and reading. Sometimes I follow the Mets.

Too many of my friends from CG are gone. Michael Machtey, Jack Catlin, Ruth Kavenoff. Others I have emailed with from time to time. My closest friends, Marty Cohen and Theresa Nagymihaly - I have no idea where they are.