Tess Fajardo Doheny


915 Alava Avenue
Coral Gables, Florida 33146




Since 1962, a fantastic year, the years have gone by faster and faster. Suddenly here I am, almost 73 years old, with short silvery hair, and a member of AARP. WOW!

The pivotal events in my life have been: graduations, two marriages, having a son, one divorce, parents' death, becoming a grandmother, working in Washington DC, bungy jumping, finishing in a marathon, traveling, practicing yoga, and very recently Mindfulness Meditation.

It has all been good---a learning and growing process. The struggles and disappointments bring strength and wisdom. Joy and happiness are always there.

Family and friends are more important than ever. During the past 15 years, we have lived in Coral Gables less than a mile from CGHS would you believe? It's wonderful to be close to family and old friends once again.

I enjoyed seeing you all at our 50th in May, 2012. It has been fun to be on the Reunion Committee to plan events that will appeal to everyone. As time passes, it becomes more important that we continue to remain connected with each other.
(Last updated March 14, 2017).