Ellen Fleishman Potter


3216 Monroe Street
Columbia, South Carolina 29205

803 254-9025


University of South Carolina

I graduated from Emory University in 1965, and, thinking I wanted to be a guidance counselor, went to Harvard and got an Ed.M in 1966. But I didn't like counseling, so I went on to the University of Chicago and got my Ph.D. in Education in 1974. While I was there, I met my husband of 33 years, and our first child was 3 when I finished school. We moved to Columbia, South Carolina, so that I could take a job teaching educational psychology in the College of Education at the University of South Carolina. We have been here ever since.

We have two children. Our son, Chris, is 31, and is a jazz musician who lives in New York City. He is on the road more often than not, and has several albums out, with a new one due this fall. Our daughter, Sarah, is 25, and just finished her first year as a graduate student in American history at the University of Chicago.

Our favorite vacations are to the peaceful North Carolina mountains, and when all of us can get together somewhere (most often New York) to see Chris play.