Robert "Bob" Frank


ELLEN McCOLLISTER 221 Bryant Avenue
Ithaca, New York 14850


Cornell University

After leaving Gables, I attended Georgia Tech, graduating with a degree in math in 1966. I married Beth Prentice in March of that year, and we then spent two years as Peace Corps Volunteers in Nepal. After that, graduate work at UC Berkeley, where my first two sons--David (1969) and Jason (1972)--were born. I received my PhD in economics from Berkeley in 1972 and shortly thereafter began teaching Economics at Cornell University, where I've been a professor for the past 40 years. I also write an economics colunmn for the New York Times.

After Beth and I divorced in the late 1970's, I married Ellen McCollister in 1984. Our two sons--Chris (1987) and Hayden (1989)--are two thirds of The Nepotist.

More information about my book, The Darwin Economy: Liberty, Competition, and the Common Good and links to my NPR interview on the Diane Rehm Show and more can be found at my website.