Donna Genet


4201 Toledo Street
Coral Gables, Florida 33146

305-592-1020 ext. 395

Human Resources Director

I've led two lives-at least, in terms of my career. In my first. I worked for Dade County Public Schools as a teacher and then an administrator. Following my retirement from education (tired but not yet dead!), I joined our family business, Dade Paper Company, and started course work in Human Resources Mgmt. I am now in charge of our corporate HR department and find the work challenging.

I have one son who lives in beautiful San Diego.(He is no dummy. He knows a great area when he sees one!). He is also a Gables graduate-Class of '91.

Strange as it is, I now live in Coral Gables again and I love it. Contrary to Thomas Wolfe, there are times when you can go home again!