Chris Georgiades


30 Friendly Way
Asheville, NC 28806

828-667-4541 Ex 229

Executive Director - Adult Day Services

My wife Tondi and I moved to Asheville, NC in 1996, where I have continued my career working with non-profit organizations. My graduate work NYU took us to San Francisco where I was Associate Executive Director of the SF Boys and Girls Club. From there we went to Chicago where I was director of development and Assistant Executive Director of the Chicago Boys and Girls Club. Other career activities have included Working with the United Methodist Church, building hospitals in Bolivia, Haiti, Mexico and Guatemala. The United Way as a Campign Director and a Captial Campaign Consultant to nonprofit organizations have also been part of my professional career. Wife Tondi and I have a daughter, Christienne "Chrissy" who is with the Screen Actors Guild in LA. Tondi graduated from Palmetto in 62 and we were married in 66 at Plymouth Congregational Church in Coconut Grove. We miss our many friends from Coral Gables High School and hope to visit sometime in the future.