Carol Greenfeld Coltan Guillen


Carol Coltan-Guillen Passed away August 13, 2010 surrounded by her immediate family. Carol was a ray of light to everyone she touched. She loved the little things in life, and treasured her family and friends. She enjoyed natural health, gardening, problem solving for others and giving advice. She loved everything organic, personal and home made. Everything she did, she did with love. She leaves behind her husband, two sons, a daughter in law and too many friends and family members to count! She will be loved and treasured along as much as she will be missed. There will be a celebration for her life in late September.
This article appeared on page Z - 99 of the San Francisco Chronicle on Sunday, August 15, 2010.

This tribute was sent by Adrienne E. Katz Katz, with husband, William (Bill) Katz:
I am saddened to report the death of my dearest friend of 54 years--Carol Greenfeld Guillan. We visited every year of our lives, from 1958. She moved to San Francisco in 1966, but that never interfered with our friendship. Our adult sons have remained friends, which is some small comfort, and they tell me I am the only non-family constant in their lives.

Carol was the healthiest person I've ever known--she could have fit in her high school clothes at age 64; she was a hiker and energetic walker, even on the incredibly steep hill in front of her San Rafael, CA home. I don't remember any food she ate that wasn't healthy or organic, and she lived an unbelievably healthy lifestyle--no smoking, infrequent wine...well, you get the picture. She never stopped taking classes for self-improvement, creative development and learning about every aspect of the world--natural as well as paranormal.

Damned if she didn't develop ovarian cancer; after surgery, it metastasized in her lungs. She spent her last year in Mexico, undergoing "healthy" and comforting treatments rather than going through traditional medical procedures. She outlived the prognosis by over a year, and stayed positive about her recovery until her last week.

Below is Carol's bio sent in by Carol prior to the 45th Reunion in 2007


48 Castlewood Drive
San Rafael, California 94901-2525

Computer field

Formerly in the Computer field, now semi-retired and an on-call personal assistant. I’m happy to report that I have gotten married (again), this time to George Guillen (2004). Although our home is in San Rafael, California, we are building a spec house in Roseburg, Oregon. Completion of this house is expected to be early summer, 2007, and then we will once again be Californians. My sons are now grown. Michael is a plumber, married and happy and living in San Anselmo, CA. Seth is focused on an acting career and lives in the Los Angeles area. The 40th Coral Gables Sr. High School reunion was great fun. There are so many interesting folks who grew up from our class! I look forward to seeing everyone at this 45th reunion. . .