Dottie Gregory Richardson


1301 Appalachee Drive
Huntsville, AL, 35801


What a great experience to hear from so many of you after 40 years! Thanks so much to those who've made this possible, including those of you who shared news about yourselves. It is amazing how many areas of the world our class has touched in ways big and small. And the Gables memories have been tumbling through my mind as I've read. Mrs. Reynolds, Mr. Etersque, Mrs. Horner, Mr. Golfman, Mr. Fisher, Mrs. Callahan are teachers whose names come to mind. I am amazed at how fresh your names are in my mind as I read them off. There are many of you I would still like to hear from and you have not responded. Maybe you feel the same. So here are a few words on my 40 years for those who might be interested.

School after Gables included undergrad work in math at Howard College(now Samford University) in Birmingham and grad work, also in math, at LSU in Baton Rouge. I came to Huntsville in September '67 to work for NASA. After a few months with NASA Uncle Sam reduced the work force, and I went to work for IBM as a programmer. During those few but important NASA months I met my husband, who was not reduced from the work force, thankfully! EC and I married in '68 and have lived in Huntsville since. We have 2 children, Emily and John. Emily lives here in Madison County. John is a student at Auburn. Also, Emily and her husband have an 11-month-old daughter Erin who spends her days charming us totally.

As the children have grown I have been blessed with the time and opportunity to volunteer in many areas of interest and importance to me. Among these are teaching English as a second language to Internationals and leading groups in Bible study. As well, we are very active in many aspects of our church life. Music, certainly choral music, is one of the joys of my life. Reading, gardening, travel, enjoying the beauty of nature and our national parks, friends, and family are on the joy list, too. Please don't ask me to prioritize the list.

We've just been on a trip to the Northwest, a beautiful place I hope to revisit, and people said, "Where are you from?" every time I opened my mouth and let my Southern accent out. It reminded me of my first few months in the Gables. Now I have been back in Alabama for the most of those 40 years since '62. My life has been immeasurably enriched by the times we shared at Gables. You can know that I would like to be with you this weekend. Have a great reunion!