Leslie Jay Gross


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Miami, FL 33173

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The last five years have been very difficult from a business and legal point of view, but rewarding and eye opening in other regards. At the outset of this period my half ownership in a successful mezzanine lending business produced handsome financial rewards and exciting strategic opportunities. However, as we expanded, sever clashes with my partner in management style and personality led to an inevitable “divorce” and 5 years of stressful litigation.

My younger son, Jason, came down from New York to help out and in late 2006, we obtained control of the company just in time to have this reorganization and expansion of the enterprise meet head-on with the Great Recession. This decimated our business and left us cleaning up the messes in various commercial loan situations.

The financial repercussions to my family were great, resulting in more litigation. However, my friends and family have been very supportive and we have downsized from our large home in a wooded retreat to a cozy and convenient townhouse, which, I daresay, we like better, given our stage in life. I have cut down to half-time on my business pursuits.

We have our health, two wonderful sons, three delightful though combative grandsons (all siblings) and a wonderful daughter-in-law. My wife and I are both able to get away and see our DC grandsons and family and will soon be adding New York City to our itinerary to visit our recently relocated younger son who has now given up the Miami milieu for fame and fortune (or even a paying job and reunion with Harvard college classmates and friends).

In our DC family, our son is a VP at Fannie Mae’s multi family affordable housing division and our daughter-in-law is a successful (if overworked and underpaid) pediatrician/internist and mother. They just celebrated their 15th anniversary, having met all classmates in the Harvard class of 1992.

My dear wife is occupied as long-time president of a cancer fund raising group and running our household and its day-to-day finances. I have become active on the board of a local museum, to go with my similar position with a successful regional theater.

Fran and I look forward to our joint retirement, and hope that Congress can be prevailed upon to pass the many promising proposals pending the pen of our brilliant and capable president, so that we can leave our children and grandchildren a better America than we endured in the 2000-2010 decade.