William Hart


William "Will" Hart

7180 Bragg Road
Cumming, GA 30041



family psychiatry clinic

A hard to remember outsider with no picture in the senior year wach-a- call-it, it's nice to be found....thanks. I'm found thankful for my good public education and for Sputnik which made it more so. Reared on Miami's southern border (good long term memory intact), I celebrate an out-the-screen-door childhood before TV and the host of other seductive electrons tried to pin us to the sofa. Anyone else thankful for no school buses, full length summers, whereabouts being unknown, hurricane safe houses, and our multiple water worlds? Our fears were distant. Our culture wars were simple: rock and roll, dungerees in school, corporal punishment. Our prejudices about money, race and religion were comfortably held. We paid the maid's doctor bill, didn't we? Oh yea, I'm very thankful for those changes. I have one regret: all those vocab words in college prep english. I still haven't used all of them. EXCORIATE? Anyone? Anyone? Also, I'd like to hear about Robb Hasencamp.