"Rusti" Hausmann Warren Warshow


5583 Spring Hill Court
Westlake Village, California 91362



Psychotherapist, Seminar Leader

This is a stage in life when we typically slow down, but instead I find myself speeding up! I developed a passion to share the psychotherapy I practice with others in the field of mental health. It's been an honor to do this internationally and nationally. I've named this approach DEFT (Dynamic Emotion-Focused Therapy.) I'm on the faculty of the ISTDP Institute, the Southern California Society for ISTDP, and is a Certified IEDTA Teacher/Supervisor. I have ongoing trainings programs and special events in L.A. while practicing individual and marital psychotherapy in Woodland Hills, CA.

My greatest joy in life has been twenty-nine soulful years with my husband, Donn. We seem to have everything in common and he's a treasure. My greatest sadness was to lose my beloved Mother, Helen Bennett, in Nov., 2009 (and Dad, Hausie, in 1964). Spirituality, friendship, writing, photography, travel and world affairs are also compelling interests. Life becomes more intense and focused as the preciousness of time takes on heightened meaning since the halcyon days at Gables High.