Donna Healy Martin


534 Sycamore Street
Madison, Georgia 30650


Early Intervention Specialist

How fun it's been seeing so many familiar faces and wondering how the past 40 years have gone by so quickly! Graduation from Gables took me to Stetson for four years (which also included a wonderful year abroad at the University of Madrid) and then on to Atlanta where I met and married Jim Martin in the early 70s. It was also at this time that I decided the business world just wasn't for me ( I had been working at a bank for almost 4 years), and at that time went back and got my masters and specialist degrees in Special Education. We soon realized the need to move from the city, and have lived in Madison, Georgia, for the past 17 years where I am currently a preschool special education teacher and also serve as diagnostician for my school system. After 28 years of marriage, Jim and I are now separated (life does have its unexpected turns!), but I must say that I feel that my church, my family, my friends and job have all created for me what has been a very rich tapestry of life. I have three beautiful children . . . Michael, 27, a forester; Ellen, 25, a mom; and Holly, 23, a student at the University of Georgia . . . and one grandbaby. Now that I'm passed the "active" phase of parenting (although I'm not sure that ever REALLY happens!), I have time to enjoy being with friends, gardening and traveling. This summer was especially rewarding as it took me to Honduras (along with a group from my church) and also to Boothbay Harbor, Maine, (where we had a 'mini' Gables62 reunion with Joy Lueke Fleming and Barbara West Lea).

What a wonderful website! I thank all of you who have worked so hard to make this connection to our past possible. I hope it will open the door to restore many of the friendships that we valued so long ago.