Roger Hess


11000 Huntover Dr.
Rockville, MD 20852



After Gables, I entered MIT, graduating in 1966. I then started graduate work in physics at U. Cal, Berkeley. After receiving my PhD, I returned to the East coast, working as a research scientist at the University of Maryland. In 1991 I switched to research in space science, working for a succession of contractors with NASA. I'm still at work, although I've cut back a bit the last few works. I'll probably go to full retirement in the next couple of years.

I got married to my wife Vicki in 1980. She is a lawyer and continuing to work also. We have two children, Sarah and John. Sarah is a lawyer, currently practicing in Atlanta. John is just finishing up his studies at a technical school for auto mechanics. I've been keeping active outside of work including some traveling. A couple weeks before the reunion I'll be on a raft trip down the Colorado river in the Grand Canyon with four buddies from Gables (class of 63).