Paul Randall "Randy" Hird


6160 S Calle De La Menta
Hereford, Arizona 85615


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Following graduation from Gables, I attended Stetson University. I graduated in 1966 with a BA majoring in Political Science and American Studies. I moved to Philadelphia during the summer of 1966 during the middle of a major heat wave. I was doing personnel work (union/management relations) in a building without air conditioning. I was offered a job in Washington, DC in an air conditioned building and with a one year draft deferment. I took the job, an internship in computer science. At the end of the year of draft deferment, there was no renewal so then it was a matter of waiting to see what happened. I choose to join the Air Force. It was a good choice as I ended up spending most of my time in the states and most of that time at Luke AFB west of Phoenix. While stationed at Luke I met my future life partner, Glen Domulevicz. We have been together since 1968 and were married in Victoria, B.C. in 2006.

Upon completing my tour with the Air Force, I wanted to stay in Arizona and I stayed in the computer field working in computer related telecommunications development for the US Army and various government agencies. Much of the work was classified and involved a lot of traveling. It was very interesting and rewarding but it did require that I remain “in the closet” until President Clinton changed all that. By that time I was ready to retire and I did retire in 1998. Glen and I opened an art gallery in Bisbee, Arizona which we really enjoyed but we found that owning our own business in a very competitive market required a lot of time and effort. Eventually we decided to close the gallery when Bisbee notified us of a major road, sewer, water, etc. upgrade in the old part of town that would affect access to our business for approximately six months.

We live in Hereford, AZ which is southeast of Tucson about 90 miles and just four miles north of the Mexican border. This past year our property was burned during the “Monument Fire” but our house (which is rammed earth) survived. It was quite an experience watching the fire get closer until we were evacuated and then watching in horror the day the winds picked up to 60-80 miles per hour and the fire moved through our area. Houses on adjoining property were destroyed and are now being rebuilt. Our property suffered major damage including the loss of over 30 trees and virtually everything that was on our acreage except the house itself. We are currently replanting and starting over. We were happy to find that a few trees did survive but it will be a long time before it is back to normal.

If anyone remembers me and wants to contact me, please feel free to do so. I was rather socially inept in high school but I do have some fond memories and overall life has been good.

I wish everyone the best and hope the future holds many pleasant surprises!