Al Imershein



Sopchoppy, Florida 32358

Al's Biography written in 2002:

Faculty at Florida State University

I've taught sociology at Florida State University for 29 years. I am married to a wonderful woman, Donna Crowley, with whom I share a terrific home on 10 acres on the Sopchoppy River (and 2 creeks) outside Tallahassee Fl. We spend as much of our summers as we can at a small cabin we have (at 4200 ft overlooking the Blue Ridge mts.) north of Cashiers NC.

My son Chris (from my first marriage) is 34, a computer expert (artificial intelligence modeling), and lives in the Triangle area of NC (his roots -- and mine for a while). After I finished at Gables, I went to Duke, then Yale, then UNC-Chapel Hill, and changed fields about five times before becoming a medical sociologist. I ran a large health care research institute for many years, but am now focusing on teaching undergraduates in my last few years at FSU. Teaching has truly been my calling (it better be that since it never pays well).

Shortly after moving to Tallhassee I was involved in co-founding a United Church of Christ (Congregational) here, and am one of three remaining charter members in a wonderfully spirited group of community action- oriented people for the last 25+ years.

Donna and I like to travel and to collect art. We have many great friends here in the country (and 3 wonderful dogs). I finally have a sailboat down at the coast, and plan to do a lot of sailing once we retire. We have lived through serious illnesses and many losses, as well as many exciting adventures. We are grateful and happy together.

I look forward to seeing and hearing about the lives of many friends of long years past.

We were saddened to learn that Al Imershein passed away Dec. 4, 2005 from cancer.