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Real Estate

Since our 30th reunion at the Biltmore Hotel in 1992, I moved away from Miami to Santa Fe NM in 1993. This was the first time I'd ever moved completely away from Miami. Mother followed in 1995 as did Bob, my ex-husband of twenty years. Santa Fe was home for twelve years. After Mother passed away in 2004, I settled her estate, packed up a container and moved to Panama in 2005. Along with Casey, my son, we opened a real estate office specializing in properties within the UNESCO Heritage site of Casco Antiguo. It has been an amazing two years and I couldn't be happier, however, I sure wish I had taken those Spanish classes more seriously at Gables. If you're curious, check out our website, And if you're really curious, come visit. PS... mail sent to the address above is forwarded to Panama. Email is the best way to reach me. Clara


Married for 20 years to Bob Hardin who is still my best friend and mentor. Divorced in 1990 and am throughly enjoying being single. Our 29 year old son, Casey, is an attorney at Paul Weiss Rifkind Wharton & Garrison in New York City. He is and always has been the delight of our lives.

Not opposed to writing across the lines, when Casey was pre-school, we lived aboard our sailboat for 5 1/2 years and cruised to where the wind blew us. When it was time for Casey to start school, life changed and I got serious about real estate, joined Cousins Associates which became Merrill Lynch Realty then Prudential Florida Realty. Lynn Grentner and I partnershiped there. Looking to change my life a bit after the divorce, I decided to export crawfish from the Bahamas. It was an adventure that lasted a year. Then off to Belgium to export clunker cars to Angola. What a lark. Then, one visit to Santa Fe for opera in July, 1993 and within 30 days, I pulled up my Coconut Grove roots and headed west. Life has been good as well as varied during the past nine years and I've never been happier. Lynn Grentner Wheeler and her husband Chuck, Susan Hausmann and her husband Donn and Nancy and David Bailey have been out to visit. If you've never been here, come. I'm a leasing agent with The Managment Group specializing in vacation rentals and property management. I'd love to see you again.