Valerie Kimmel Creekmore


11120 Waller Road
Theodore, AL 36582


Husband is marine surveyor, part time.

Took up sailing in my 20s. Bought 26' racing sailboat my husband to be designed and built. Did secretarial/accounting for our business at the boatyard. Went cruising in the Carribean on our 34' Creekmore cruising sailboat.

Had two children, girl and boy in my 30s. Concentrated more on raising family. We moved from Keyston Point to Fowl River, south of Mobile AL. in 1980s. I got saved in 1985. Had two more children in my 40s - two more girls.

Had two more children in my 40s - two more girls. Started playing piano again and writing Christian songs. I took dance class for seven years, mostly in my 50s. I play piano/keyboard at our non-denominational church, at Agape House and Aglow meetings, of which I am on the board. I teach liturgical dance seminars.

My husband Lee and I go sailboat racing some weekends and Thursday night informal races during daylight savings time at Mobile Yacht Club. We have a Sunfish to sail on the river, a South Coast 21 and a J-30 besides a canoe, rowing shell and small powerboat. Enough boats.

Our children are grown now. Our youngest, Rebecca went back to college at FL Gulf Coast University and is marrying one of her professors in July in Ft. Myers. Our oldest daughter Tina is also getting married this year, and also to a professor, at Tulane. We are proud of all our children. They turned out well.

I went paddling our canoe today on the river and did some yard work--it was so pretty outside.