Pam Knight Sacco


319 Smith Drive
Hendersonville, North Carolina 28739


Self-Employed Musician

After graduating from the U of Miami with a degree in Elementary Education I decided not to enter the teaching field, but instead went on to graduate school (U of Penn) and pursued a degree in health records administration. I worked in several hospitals where I met my present husband, Russell, of 25 years. After working in his medical practice (internal medicine) for 20 years and involving myself in numerous community projects including our local Children's Advocacy Center, I once again pursued a musical journey. It began as a yearning for a romantic past, but entailed much discipline and hard work, especially as an adult. Playing the oboe, and now also the English horn, I find myself in two orchestras, a community band, a woodwind quintet, and numerous freelance venues. Plans are underway to pursue a second undergraduate degree in music education. The last three years I have helped my husband achieve his lifelong dream: opening a free medical clinic. After uphill political hurdles, community advocacy, obtaining non-profit status and private grant funding, the all-volunteer clinic opened last year in his donated medical building. We celebrate its first year of operation today, 7-31-02 with a reception in his honor.