Joy Lueke Fleming


6203 Marilyn Drive
Alexandria, Virginia 22310

Retired teacher

My husband Timothy ('63 Gables graduate) and I celebrated our 35th anniversary this summer. We have lived in Northern Virginia for 28 years. Prior to that our first 7 years were spent in South Miami. We have 4 children and 5 grandchildren, all living in the Northern Virginia area. I returned to the classroom after raising the children and have just retired this June. Best wishes to all. Who could believe we are out of highschool 40 years?

I don't know when I've had so much fun on the computer. You all have done a smashing job of taking care of all this. The pictures and bio's are a delight. I've spent hours looking and reading. Thank-you so much for all your hard work. Who would have thought 40 years ago that we would have the technology to do all this. Best wishes for the reunion parties, sorry I will not be able to be there. Joy Lueke Fleming