Ken Mascari


10416 S.W. 48th Place
Gainesville, Florida 32608


retired psychologist

this is the most recent photo i could come up with - last christmas. now that i am in gainesville - home of the florida gators, i got a very appropriate gift from the family. please add to my listing.

really disappointed i will not be there for the reunion. busy holiday time frame that will include the offspring since they both live in gainesville and have an extended weekend from work.

as much as i like taking in all of the gator sporting events, i miss sanibel island. after 27 years with salt air in my nose and sand between my toes, i am lost up here. 60 miles to and from cedar key is a hike but my son and i make it once a week to haul in as many redfish as possible. i'll have to rely on my high school memories. actually, i do quite often and they are all good.