George McLain


311 Island Circle
Sarasota, FL 34242

941 346-2691


After finishing law school at UM in 69, I served 3 years in the Air Force in Los Angeles, where I enjoyed West Coast jazz, camping in the Sierras, and living in Hermosa Beach. Along the way I met Dee, and we were married in 1972. We have lived in Sarasota for thirty years and have three grown children. Patty is married and currently working on a dissertation in English Victorian literature. Rob is working in Washington D.C. as a computer tech and will be married later this summer. Our youngest, Stewart, is working on a film project at the University of Iowa and planning on being the next George Lucas or something. Meanwhile, I continue to practice law and try to make enough time for sailing, golf, running, camping, traveling and music. I'm still practicing my saxophone. I laid off for about 25 years while I was involved with singing, leading the church music off and on, and a little theater work. Since picking my horn up again, I have been playing with the Sarasota Concert Band and leading a 17 piece jazz/dance band. I am very lucky to have an indulgent wife and no close neighbors!

It's been fun reading the bio's on the web site. What magnificent things our high school friends have accomplished! I hope all the "lost" people get found in time for the reunion!