James Mensch


17 Macken Road
Antigonish, NS B2G2L2

902 863 6507


St. Francis Xavier University

I got married, in 1968, to Josephine, whom I met in the library of the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies in Toronto. I asked her to marry me after three days and she accepted. We have been together now for forty three years.

We have three children. Jennifer, 42, who teaches philosophy at Penn State, Joshua, 32, who is a marketing director (as well as a published poet) in Prague, Czech Republic, and Jessica, 30, who is a painter living in Montreal (check out her website.)

Jennifer and her husband, Dennis Schmidt, who also teaches philosophy at Penn State, have our only grandchild Zoe. We adore her.

As for me, I graduated from Saint John’s College (the great books school) with a BA, then from the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies with a Licentiate in mediaeval philosophy, then from the University of Toronto with a Ph.D. in Philosophy.

I have taught in the US, Canada, and Europe and have published ten books in philosophy and, perhaps, a hundred articles. Next year, I am scheduled to teach at Charles University in Prague, where they are starting a doctoral program in philosophy in English. (My Czech is not great. I can still speak Spanish a bit; my French is better, and because of my doctoral studies in Germany, I function well in this language).

To find a current picture of me as well as the texts of what I have written, just go to my web page.