Steve Minor


1010 Street Road
Kingston Springs, TN 37082


FireWorks Motion Media

It's nice to be back in touch with friends from home. My journey after Gables began at the University of Colorado, followed by the U. of Miami and finally two incredible years at Boston University where I got a Master's in film. During my time in Boston, I met an amazing Brazilian girl named Nice and we were married in August of '68. We have two kids. Yara, is 33, married and teaching in Phoenix, and David, 30, is a filmmaker in LA. We live in the country near Kingston Springs, Tennessee, a small town that's about a 20-minute drive from Nashville. Life is really good here, but we also enjoyed our 32 years in Miami as well.

Nice is a food stylist, i.e., she travels across the US preparing food to be photographed. I was a director of TV commercials and films, a job that involved constant travel, a lot of stress and little sleep. Mostly, though, I found it fulfilling. I worked with famous athletes, a large number of movie and rock stars, two astronauts, one presidential candidate, and Mr. Whipple. I shot frequently in Latin America, occasionally in Europe and Asia and all over the US. All in all, it was a very interesting career.

When I began to feel that I had nothing more to give to directing, we decided it was time to move to TN. I love finding new ways to apply technology to creative work and that's basically all I'm doing now. I have a company that develops marketing applications for interactive technologies, I'm a partner in a Web marketing company headquartered in Nashville, and I sit on the board of International Quorum, a global network of motion picture production companies spread across six continents.

Have a great 40th! I'll try my best to join you, but right now the timing doesn't look good.