Susan Monan Ericksen


3421 East Joy Road
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105

734 994-5320

Retired Social Worker

I retired two years ago from my school social work job and am loving the putzing and puttering that retired life affords. I still do some private practice work. I haven't had any great inspirations yet for anything more productive than playing with my bonsai tree collection.. I was married for 5 years after graduating from Michigan State University; then spent many years happily single. Four years ago, I finally married the man with whom I had "enjoyed" a 17 year long distance relationship. I think I earned the grand prize for patience!

I live on the outskirts of Ann Arbor, home of the University of Michigan, which is a wonderful, event filled college town. I have been blessed to be part of an electic, eccentric, and wacky community of good friends over the years. I also have the good fortune of co-owning with friends a cabin in the woods on 70 acres with a private lake (40 minutes from my house)!!

I am grateful to have arrived at this age with reasonably good health, no gray hair (much to my younger sister's disgust), and having had the opportunity for much travel, a rewarding career, and marriage to a most loving man!