Charlie Nichols


95 Victoria Drive
Ellenwood, Georgia 30294


Director of Global Environmental Operations, Lockwood Greene

After Gables, I got degrees at Georgia Tech and University of Florida. I always admired the cheerleaders at Gables, especially since my sisters, Sue Cesarano and Kathy Hughes, were cheering for the red and grey. Finally at Georgia Tech, I also joined ranks and was a cheerleader there. Mike Fortier and John Battle, familiar names to some of you, were playing football at Tech at that time. The first fifteen years after Gables, we lived in various places: Texas, Delaware, North Carolina, and then settled in the Atlanta GA area. My office overlooks the Olympic Centennial Park, and my work has taken me overseas at times: Teheran, Brussels, Copenhagen, Tokyo and Singapore.

I enjoyed reading up on you guys and invite you to contact me.

And don't forget this from Northey's class:

                                                                        Twas brillig and the slythy toves
                                                                        Did gyre and gimble in the wabe,
                                                                        All mimsy were the borogoves
                                                                        And Mr. Rath was outraged.