Bebe Parker Coyle


2455 Snook Trail
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410-1270


I'm a grandmother times 3...soon 4. Daughter Julie has a daughter Arden Jane, 4yrs., and son, Finn, 7mos. Son Darby has a daughter Erin, 31/2 yrs, and another on the way. I spend alot of time between Charleston, SC and Fort Payne, Alabama - where my children reside. I decided I needed to spend as much time as possible NOW with them - because you know what happens when grandchildren become teenagers: it's hard to find the time to be with grandparents when friends are where it's at! And it's wonderful that "Mimi" and "Poppy" are very special in their eyes right now. What better prompting do we have, than to know: we only have today.

Husband Dennis retired from corporate law last year. Life is certainly different... but great! We are free to do as we like, and that has meant quite a bit of travel. We have enjoyed a first cruise and are preparing for our second on May 29th of this year. (We will make the reunion, but not for the whole weekend).