Mitch Porias


29129 Waller Gladish Road
Waller, Texas 77484



Sad to say I have not kept in touch with really anyone from those days. After graduating from medical school I returned to Florida to intern in the Tampa Bay area where I met my wife of 41 years, Rachel. We spent the first part of our married life during my ophthalmology residency, after which I remained as faculty before relocating to Texas.

Rachel, our daughter Laura and myself became very active in equestrian competition for many years. Rachel is completing her doctorate in clinical adoloscent psychology. Laura and her husband have blessed us with a darling grandson.

Life is good. I'm busy with no intention of retiring and looking forward to reconnect with classmates. My memory of those years may be hazy, but hopefully will reawaken after the red blood cells get through to the memory bank. PS, didn't find out about the reunion until after the fact.