Jose "Joe" Rivero



Business Counselor with SCORE

From Joe's online file:

Joe was born in Havana, Cuba, more years ago than he cares to remember. He came to the United States in his teens, attended the University of Florida, and went off to make his mark in the world. That pursuit led him to work in the aviation, engineering/construction and chemical process industries, and to become somewhat of a nomad. He has lived in Canada, México and Belgium and has traveled throughout Europe, South America and the Far East. Completely fluent in English and Spanish, as a result of his travels he manages to make himself misunderstood in Flemish and Italian.

Although an Engineer by formal education and practice (Professional Engineer licenses in New York and Colorado), he spent over half of his professional career leading organizations. Immediately prior to his retirement from industry, he was the chief executive of an international distribution company. Since his "retirement," Joe has led an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity, taught at the Fort Lewis College Business School, and is currently offering courses and counseling services at SCORE®, an organization affiliated with the U. S. Small Business Administration.

His main areas of interest in business are Leadership, Strategy, and Change. He has a growing interest in the leadership of socially significant enterprises, in particular those of a sustainable nature. When he's not otherwise engaged, Joe keeps busy dispensing advice as requested of his Colorado consulting company, Focus LLC.

Joe and his wife Judy currently live in the San Francisco Bay area. They have five adult children and eight grandchildren. Daughters Michelle, Terry, and Julie live in the Atlanta area; sons Victor and Jose III in the Bay area. The whole family enjoys water sports, whether it be boating in Lake Lanier, or sailing in San Francisco Bay.