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I think I'll just update the last 5 years, as I saw many of you at the last reunion - my first! Being overseas, raising children, working, etc., had made it a little difficult to get to these reunions.

In the last 5 years, I became a grandmother, alas, she is clear out in San Francisco, which makes it hard to get to be together very often. My daughter is now expecting a second child in mid July, so these two little ones will have a close playmate.

My son got married this past August, he's in the computer field, in a hospital, she is a medical doctor, but, no, they didn't meet at work. They live much closer by, in Medford, MA, so visiting is much easier.

I am now involved in some church work, civic things as well as some volunteer work. I have also been a member of a book group and am now making a point of finishing all of the selections. When working, sometimes the hours just couldn't be stretched to get it all in.

I was in the Gables last year when my mother needed me for health reasons, and it was wonderful to re-connect with some friends. I think it might be nice to spend longer time periods down there, especially during the winter, but I still haven't made that the pattern in my life. Things are fun up here as well, and the winter was fairly mild.

I look forward to seeing you in a couple of months and toasting the good times we shared and the fact that we're still young enough and healthy enough to enjoy celebrating this big event. Here's to us !!!


2010 Update: I have now joined the ranks of the retired and am loving it.

I feel 16 again, with the whole world out there to explore. Never mind that I'm a new grandmother, as of the end of April! Problem is that the baby is clear across the country in San Francisco. As they say, that's a long walk on a Saturday night. Hardly fair, is it?

Stay well, everybody. Let's all make plans to get together in 2012. If we're in good health, continue what we're doing. If not, wake up and do something about it !!!

Life is too precious to take for granted.

From Sandy's original posting:


After Gables, went to Barry College, where I got my El. Ed. Certification. Went overseas to teach in Chile in 1966. Met my husband, Roger Borlase (married in 1968), who was from the UK and represented a British engineering firm in South America. We lived all over South America for the next 6 years, the last few in Chile, where our daughter Heather was born. Allende was in power, so it was a good time to leave.

Went to the UK for a year and then back to the States, settling in Miami Shores. I returned to teaching when our second child, Roger, was entering first grade. After a few years, a business transfer took us to North Carolina. My husband moved up first and I finished out the school year teaching gifted children. A couple of months after the family was reunited in North Carolina, my husband passed away. This was a terrible blow as we had barely established ourselves there.

Within a year, I met Andy Bergquist, who was separated and would become my second husband. He was moving back to his home state of NH. A year later, my children and I made the move north, Andy's divorce was finalized and we were married in 1986. We now had 4 children between us.

I've continued to teach ever since arriving in NH. Life here is very different from anything I'd ever experienced. NH is, for the most part, made up of little towns set in pastoral surroundings, each with picture postcard characteristics. They consist of typical churches with tall white steeples, Main Street where all know each other --- rural, safe, quiet. It has been a peaceful change. Two years ago, in August, 2003, I had a second blow when Andy passed away from lung cancer.

I now fill my days with my work, be it professional or community oriented, and worthwhile activities. All of the kids are adults now, his children live in Virginia and Maryland, my daughter is a lawyer and lives in San Francisco with her husband (also a lawyer), and my son is an Information Systems co-ordinator in a radiation center in Massachusetts and has not married. Andy's kids have three children apiece, mine none at the moment.

I stumbled into this website just a couple of days ago, didn't know about the reunion, but could not have attended anyway, as I was doing some grad work at the time --- would definitely like to know about the next one ! Really enjoyed seeing the pictures taken at the last big gathering, recognized many faces and had a hard time figuring out others (particularly all you guys with beards !!!). Was saddened to learn of so many classmates who are no longer with us.

I hope I will hear from some of you from time to time. The years have scattered us, but we had some great times together, and were fortunate to have shared the good foundation that Gables High had to offer.