Fred Schor


2640 Brown Street
Burleson, Texas 76028


Self-employed - sales rep.

What a great time I had at the reunion. I wish we all would have had another day. It was a pleasure to see all my old friends. It had never really dawned on me how many of us went from grades 1-12 together and how many of us wound up at Fl. State and the U of M. I am really looking forward to the 45th.

It is amazing to me that things we all took for granted are really hard to come by in this world. The area where we all lived was a gift; the moral and ethical standards that we grew up with were a gift and the education that we received was a gift. The close friends that I grew up with are still my friends. What a gift!! My parents were always behind anything I did and supported my endeavors my whole life. My mom and dad were always my best friends.

During my senior year at Gables I joined the Marine Corps in their reserve program with Ed Maynard, Frank Webster, and Larry May. Steve Johnson also wound up with us there. My scholastic record dictated that I could not go directly to college. What a revelation!! All that studying that I did, ha ha, and I had low grades. At Gables I studied but it was not books; it was girls. It turned out that this was the best thing that could have happened to all of us. The Vietnam War was nothing when we went in but was a big deal thereafter. None of us had to go. When I got back, I went back to Gables High to see Mr. Cook, the dean of boys. He knew me quite well from a few suspensions. He wrote a letter to the U of M and they accepted me on probation. Went there for one year and transferred to Fl. State with Dennis Davis as my roommate. Stayed there 1 & 1/2 years, studied girls once again and I dropped out so I would not flunk out. Stayed out a semester and went back to U of M where I graduated with a marketing degree.

I met my wife of 34 years at Barry College through a friend. She is a beautiful lady. She does all of the food purchasing for the Arlington school district. Thanks to her I have always been able to do some things that have not always worked out, but with her backup we never worried where the next dollar would come from.

We have two children, one girl and one boy. We enjoyed watching them grow up and watched them get educated. Our daughter, Patricia, 32, is married, no children, living in Houston, and is a registered nurse. My son, Brian, 27, named after Brian Nichols, is single, living at home, is a purchasing agent for Lockeed here in Ft. Worth. Both graduated college from UTA and are doing fine. Both are good looking, just like their dad, ha ha; really they take after their mother.

I actually made some pretty good money in the automobile air conditioning business in Miami, decided that Miami was not the place to live and raise children, and moved to Bull Shoals Lake in Arkansas. I figured that the country life was better for my children and family. We were located one hour from Bransom, Mo. before it ever got popular. We had a beautiful place with 17 acres on top of hill. My mom and dad had a place on the next hill with a huge pond between us. It was beautiful. The things that I had not counted on were the winters and how backwards Arkansas was compared to where we grew up. It was like going back 100 years. We lived there from 77-79. What an experience. At least we did it at an early age so we would not make the same mistake later in life. When I say we lived in the country, I mean we lived in the country.

We moved to Ft. Worth and it has been great. I got back into the auto a/c business and I am still in it. I don't work as hard as I used to as I work at home and represent several companies. I travel very little compared to what I used to do so I really have it pretty easy. Just want to get to SS age.

Ft. Worth was like Miami when we grew up, very laid back and no problems. If you wanted all the big city problems all you had to do was drive 30 miles east to Dallas. We have really enjoyed this town and what it has to offer. Kids did great here.

I have always been very active with hunting, fishing, boating, and motorcycles. Wish I had all that money back but would not give up the fun. Texas is about the best place for all of the above. I have hunted Florida, north & south, Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Wisconsin, and Texas. I have ridden 5 Harleys, my wife had her own, 2 Hondas, 2 Yamahas, 2 Suzuki, 4 4 wheelers, and numerous dirt bikes. We have had 2 beautiful boats for all the lakes both here and Arkansas. When the weekend comes we have always done something. Last year I decided that I would give up all the above and stick to hunting. I would say it is about time. I never fell down or was hurt doing any of the above. Luck has a lot to do with riding bikes.